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How the Aviation Industry is Adapting to Market Changes: AAC Webinar Ep 03

Join us on the third episode of Atlanta Aero Club's webinar where we discuss how Delta Airlines are performing this year with Chief of Operations of Delta Airlines, John Laughter and Steve Champness, US publisher of AvBuyer.

In the third episode of the Atlanta Aero Club webinar, find out how Delta Airlines have been navigating the recent changes in the aviation industry, how Covid has impacted customer demand along with many other topics.

Delta Airlines Chief of Operations and Senior Vice President, John Laughter, shares how the aviation industry is adapting to market changes during this webinar with Steve Champness, President of Atlanta Aero Club and US Publisher of AvBuyer. Enjoy this engaging interview with Mr. Laughter’s that covers a range of topics such as: new safety programs for Delta Airlines, The history of the company, Delta's partnership with Wheels Up, Delta's aviation training programs and more.

The Guest

John Laughter is Senior Vice President & Chief of Operations. He leads the teams responsible for industry-leading safe, reliable operations across the globe with oversight of Corporate Safety, Security and Compliance, Flight Operations, and Technical Operations.

John directly oversees Delta Air Lines’ 12,000+ pilots and its global flying operations supported by more than 300 professionals who manage pilot staffing, training and standards, technical support and regulatory compliance.

John is a long-time safety advocate and previously served as Delta’s Senior Vice President – Corporate Safety, Security and Compliance. He directed the airline’s overall safety, security, quality, and environmental performance and kept focused on Delta’s top priority of safety first.

A 27-year Delta veteran, John began his career as an aircraft liaison engineer and held various leadership positions in Technical Operations, including Interiors Engineering, Aircraft Acquisitions, Materials and Planning, and ultimately was appointed Senior Vice President – Technical Operations.

Currently, John chairs the Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering School Advisory Board and serves as a member of the Delta Flight Museum Board, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity Board, and the Georgia Tech Flying Club Board.

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