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U.S. Professional Pilot Job Market for 2021 and Beyond - AAC Webinar Ep 05

Atlanta Aero Club's fifth webinar, hosted by Steve Champness, US publisher of AvBuyer - features Kit Darby who provides useful insight about job market segments in aviation, pilot career values and trends in pilot training in 2021 and beyond.

Kit Darby is one of the leading experts on professional pilot careers for the U.S. aviation market. He has assisted over 200,000 pilots in reaching their career goals with the airlines. Join us in the fifth episode of the Atlanta Aero Club webinar where he will discuss with Steve Champness about the following topics:

• U.S. Recovery Forecast

• Job Market Segments – Majors, Regional and Corporate

• Pilot Career Values – including wages, benefits, and retirement

• Pilot Supply, Demand, and Furlough Potential

• Trends i